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House# 3 (New), 390 (Old),Road# 16 (New), 27 (Old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209 Bangladesh
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Please send your CV directly to noapargrouphr@gmail.com , saiful.hr@npgbd.com, maintaining Noapara Group standard. You will get important tips below as the job circular through different portals.

Job openings

o Noapara Global Logistic Storekeeper

Your ambition with our vision is the perfect way to grow.

As a nationwide symbol growth and prosperity, our vast & open doors draw in the absolute best experienced experts. It's essential that you apply for the right positions keeping in mind that the end goal to have more chances to work with us. We welcome you to take after the application procedure tips that lay out the beneath to break down the best potential outcomes.

Application Process Tips

• Recognize an open door that fits your profile

o Skim our open positions
o Look at the necessities
o Recognize the parts that fits better with your past experience, qualities and abilities

• Job Requirements

o Key Responsibilities: Area of aptitude
o Past work experience: years, capacity, background
o Educational requirements
o Capabilities: Technical or utilitarian abilities and center skills
o Social assorted qualities and language domain
o Level of obligation
o Area (in the event that it's open or not for relocation)
o Travel proportion

• Self-Assessment

o Analyze your experience versus the employment necessities
o Do a basic study on your qualities and opportunity zones with a specific end goal to think about them against the set of working responsibilities
o Characterizing what you have: your abilities and style

• Is it accurate to say that we are ideal for you?

o Take in more about our way of life: mission vision & values and look towards your necessities and qualities
o Recognize why you need to work for Noapara Group
o That way we can both see whether Noapara Group is a good fit for you

• Presently you are prepared to choose to

o Apply: we profoundly recommend you to choose and apply to the employment which most properly matches your capabilities

Resume Tips

• Size: No more than a page

• Background:

o Last formal education, dates and degree
o Work experience: Company, position, timeframe, capacities, achievements
o Capable skills, aptitudes mastered
o Qualities or created abilities
o Languages

* If foreign include migration record

Interview Tips

Act naturally: Acknowledge your enthusiasm, aptitudes, encounter and learning’s; distinguish your qualities and recognize by what method you would be able to influence your own entire image to be effective at Noapara Group

• Investigate our business, execution and method for working
• Be organized:

o Comprehend the prerequisites of the position you are looking for, and nearly inspect how your aptitudes and capacities bolster that position
At that point consider particular encounters you have had that are pertinent to the position's necessities

• Influences the Experience:

o Take this chance to convey any inquiry that are imperative to you to be replied in the meeting
o Make certain to be on time, know who will talk with you and with whom you should be reporting
o Land with certainty, act naturally and utilize your experience stories
In the event that you are occupied with business opportunities at Noapara Group, please look our open positions and present your profile today.

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Sima Blossom (9th &11th Floor)
House# 3 (New), 390 (Old),Road# 16 (New), 27 (Old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209 Bangladesh
Ph: 88-02-9146311-13, +88 02 7911016, 
+88 02 8962297, FAX: +88 02 8920510

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